Air Conditioner Replacement

Living in the greater Houston area means you rely on air conditioning to stay comfortable most of the year. How well did your AC perform last summer? If you experienced comfort problems or thought your energy bills should have been lower, replacing your cooling equipment this year could be in your best interest.

Don’t worry – the professionals at Morrow Mechanical make the AC replacement process simple and hassle-free. With our expert help, you can expect better home comfort and great financial benefits for years to come!

When to Replace the Air Conditioner

You know it’s time to consider an AC replacement if you notice any of these telltale signs:

  • Old age: The average lifespan of a well-maintained air conditioner is 10 to 15 years.
  • Rising cooling costs: Compare last summer’s electricity bills to years prior. If you see a substantial difference, your aging air conditioner and its decreasing performance could be to blame.
  • Increasing repairs: The next time you’re faced with an expensive AC repair, consider replacing the unit instead.
  • Comfort problems: If your air conditioner fails to keep up with cooling demand, a replacement could allow you to overcome this comfort problem.

Benefits of AC Replacement

Expect these immediate and long-term benefits when you replace your air conditioner with a high-efficiency model:

  • Lower utility bills: Monthly energy savings allow the cost of an AC replacement to start paying for itself immediately.
  • Fewer breakdowns: With proper maintenance, you can expect years of reliable performance from your new cooling system.
  • Better comfort: Improved air distribution and lower humidity levels help your home feel more comfortable once the new AC is installed.
  • Renewed warranty coverage: Labor and parts warranties that come with your new air conditioner give you peace of mind, knowing you’re protected from premature repair and replacement costs.

Things to Consider with an AC Replacement

To get the most out of your new air conditioner, let Morrow Mechanical help you with the following:

  • Equipment sizing: An oversized air conditioner cools your home too quickly, resulting in short cycles that don’t have time to dehumidify the air, a process critical for home comfort in humid Texas. On the other hand, an undersized AC runs constantly and can’t keep up with cooling demand on the hottest days. We carefully calculate a properly sized unit for your home to maximize indoor comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Ductwork repair: Leaky ducts undermine the performance of a new air conditioner. Before conducting sizing calculations, we seal and insulate the ductwork. This helps you qualify for a smaller AC unit, improves comfort in every room, and lowers your energy bills.
  • Insulation assessment: A properly sealed and insulated attic is also vital for optimal AC performance. We can install more attic insulation to help keep the living space cooler.
  • Zoning: Dividing your home into separate zones is an effective way to maximize comfort and save money by cooling specific rooms based on where you spend your time throughout the day and night. We’ll help you determine if zoning is right for you!

Schedule a Free in-Home AC Analysis

If you decide it’s time for an air conditioner replacement, choose Morrow Mechanical for the job. We’ll help you maximize the benefits of replacing your AC by ensuring the correct equipment size and efficiency rating. We also conduct the improvements you want to make around your home, such as sealing the ductwork, adding insulation, and installing zoning.

If you’re ready to explore your AC replacement options, our experienced customer service representatives are standing by. Contact Morrow Mechanical at 281-370-1566 to schedule a FREE, no obligation in-home system analysis today!

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