Air Conditioning Maintenance

Reliable AC Tune-Ups & Maintenance  – Houston Texas Metro & Surrounding Suburbs

Your AC system is a large investment and a huge part of our life during the hot and humid Houston, TX summers. An ounce of prevention now is more than worth a pound of cure later. This is an old saying that holds truth today. We service thousands of Houston area homes every year. Every summer our phones are swamped with calls from people that have broken air conditioners. Our technicians are loaded down, just trying to keep up with our sweltering customers. After reviewing service calls from last year, we discovered that more than half of these calls were due to problems caused by a lack of regular system tune-ups and maintenance.

Invest $79 in our 17-Point air conditioning tune-up and we’ll guarantee it against breakdowns all summer long…or give your money back! During the year, your A/C system accumulates dust and dirt on coils, can leak refrigerant and a host of other issues making the system prone to failure and increased utility bills. Some of this lack of maintenance even causes complete failures resulting in replacing the whole air conditioning system. Replacing your air conditioning system could cost thousands of dollars; wouldn’t it make more sense to simply consider a preventative maintenance tune-up?

Imagine having real PEACE OF MIND in knowing that your system is maintained professionally! Our seasoned air conditioning professional will perform a complete “Precision Tune-Up and Rejuvenation”. This is not just a simple flash light inspection; it’s a complete 17-point service that will restore your system back to factory fresh condition and like-new efficiency. Our technicians will inspect all electrical components, motors, coils and preform a complete operational check of the entire system including the ductwork and general system installation. Don’t worry no additional services will be done without your complete understanding of any issues and the associated cost for correction.

With Our ULTIMATE GUARANTEE You Can’t Lose! Your Morrow Mechanical technician will perform a complete 17-point precision tune-up and professional cleaning of your air conditioning system that will take nearly one hour to complete. If you have any additional systems, we’ll do them for $79 each. Then…if your system breaks down this summer after our tune-up, we will either refund your $79 or credit it to the repair necessary to get your air conditioner back in working order. One more thing; appointments at Morrow Mechanical are always available to fit your busy schedule as opposed to ours.

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