Attic Insulation

Installing Attic Insulation To Create Energy Efficient Homes – Houston TX Area

Is your home hard to cool during the hottest summer months? While Morrow Mechanical is known for installing top of the line AC systems, we also address the parts of your home where the cool air you paid for can escape. On Hot summer days the attics temperatures may rise as high as 140 degrees and if your attic is not sealed and well insulated properly the cool air will escape and that hot contaminated attic air will began to move into your living space. Making rooms in your home dirty from the attic air and uncomfortable. Not to mention your energy bills will start going through the roof. We offer comprehensive attic renovations including:

Removal of contaminated insulation

Removing attic insulation is the first step in our integrated attic-cleaning solution. If your attic has old or dirty insulation, it may be time to get it looked at and replaced. Old attic insulation is often inefficient and could lead to unnecessarily high energy bills. Dirty attic insulation, on the other hand, could have been the result of pests like rodents and insects that contaminated the insulation. Another contaminate that we find is different types of pesticides in the attic that can be brought into the living space. All of these can lead to an unhealthy home. If either of these situations are the case, it’s time to remove insulation from attic spaces to maximize the safety and energy-efficiency of your house. Morrow Mechanical offers a professional service that will remove the old insulation materials from your attic in a controlled way, without any disturbance to the rest of your home.


Sealed leaks in a home's building envelopeAir sealing is the process of sealing leaks in a home’s building envelope to limit the amount of air that leaks out of or into the house. We seal any cracks and crevices to create an airtight layer between your attic and your living space. This not only can improve the air in your home but will also stop attic heat from moving down interior walls in your home. Don’t be surprised if your older house is VERY leaky. Countless gaps, cracks, open chases and holes are created during normal house construction. Few builders have the training or time to do air sealing during  construction.

We use blown fiberglass insulation because it is more effective than conventional fiberglass batt insulation. Removing the old contaminated insulation, sealing the attic, combined with an attic insulation upgrade, can cut a home’s heating and cooling costs significantly. Once you complete this “once and done” improvement, you will enjoy improved comfort and energy saving for as long as you own the home. Call Morrow Mechanical today to start experiencing these benefits.

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