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Morrow Air Conditioning Repair & Installation BBB Reviews in Houston, TX

BBB Award For Excellence to Morrow Mechanical

bbb five-star-rating By Richard C. on 02/21/17

Rogji serviced my system and did an excellent job of evaluating the performance. He was very knowledgeable and professional. His attention to detail saved me from an expensive problem later down the road. I am very grateful for his expertise and assistance. Morrow Mechanical has been my service provider for many years and I highly recommend their services.

bbb five-star-rating By Randy B. on 01/25/17

I used Morrow Mechanical only recently, although in the past 3 service visits, have enjoyed an exceptional positive experience from interacting with their staff. The level of courtesy, professionalism, and expertise is greatly appreciated. It is nice to feel confident about the system evaluation and work provided. I plan to continue using their services and would highly recommend this business to others.

bbb five-star-rating By John M. on 01/17/17

I used Morrow Mechanical last year (2016) for a furnace and AC inspection and everything was fine. Last week (Jan 2017) my outside AC condenser/blower started to make a howling noise (warm Houston weather). I called Morrow Mechanical and they sent Matthew **** the same day to ID the problem…a loose fan blade on the 10 year old Lennox AC and a leaking motor bearing. I authorized the replacement of both parts and Mr **** returned the next morning with Lennox replacement parts. Mr **** was very professional,cleaned out the compressor in very quick order. I was very pleased with Mr **** and the interaction with the office staff and highly recommend using Morrow Mechanical.

bbb five-star-rating By Darrell R. on 01/10/17

Not only did Morrow Mechanical show up when they said they would, but Matthew L was very professional, as well as personable. Nor did he seem to be in a rush to get out the door once he had my check. It was as if I was the only customer he had for the whole afternoon.

bbb five-star-rating By Anna Marie T. on 01/03/17

Matthew **** with Morrow Mechanical did an excellent job. Timely, considerate and looking out for my best interests. I highly recommend him!

bbb five-star-rating By Karen P. on 12/17/16

Mr **** was very patient to explain everything in our transaction. I appreciate the time he took . I look forward to doing business with Morrow Mechanical in the future.

bbb five-star-rating By Kelly A. on 12/31/16

i called Morrow Mechanical for an estimate to replace my old air conditioning unit. Matthew L came to my house the next day and treated me as if I was already a valued customer. He took time to listen to my concerns, answered all of my questions, and gave me several options to fix the problem. He was very easy to work with and made sure he answered all of my questions before he left.

bbb five-star-rating By Ernestine J. on 12/30/16

After the many A/C companies I’ve used in the past, I finally found the cream of the crop. Their tech, Matthew L, was very good, patient, not rushed to go to the next job and explained the entire process. He took the time to take pictures to show me what needed to be replaced. He was so patient and spoke my language. Have never been so pleased with such an awesome tech. I will definitely request Matthew L the next time my A/C needs service.

bbb five-star-rating By Karen P. on 12/17/16

Mr **** was very patient to explain everything in our transaction. I appreciate the time he took . I look forward to doing business with Morrow Mechanical in the future.

bbb five-star-rating By Daniel D. on 12/12/16

Matthew L came out, was on time and performed the work requested. He also showed some areas of possible future problems and discussed solutions without trying to make me think that anything had to be done now.

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bbb five-star-rating By Albert R. on 12/07/16

Morrow Mechanical installed a new A/C and furnace a few years ago and has been performing winter and summer maintenance checks since then. They are the best! Timely, courteous and professional service and they deliver a great value to their clients. Amanda visited our home today (12/7/2016) to perform a winter maintenance check. Again, tops in courtesy and professionalism. I would recommend Morrow Mechanical to anyone and everyone.

bbb five-star-rating By Kelly B. on 12/07/16

I’ve used Morrow for years for my air conditioning needs. Today, Matthew **** from Morrow came out, diagnosed and repaired my heater quickly and efficiently. He answered my questions and was very polite.

bbb five-star-rating By Michelle B. on 12/06/16

My husband and I purchased our home just over a month ago. With the resent cold snap we discovered our heat was not working. The previous owners had a service contract with Morrow Mechanical. I called and they sent George B the same day. George was very courteous, professional and informative. He had our system up and running within minutes. We are very thankful the previous owners chose Morrow. I would highly recommend Morrow Mechanical. I’m sure the other technicians are good, but, request George B and your service will be A !

bbb five-star-rating By Stephen r. on 12/05/16

Amanda was punctual and pleasant. She knew her stuff and worked in an efficient manner

bbb five-star-rating By Tim S. on 12/05/16

The technician (John) was out to do my annual heating checkup. His work was more thorough than I had been accustomed to, and I was grateful for his methodical approach and detailed explanation.

bbb five-star-rating By Julie H. on 12/02/16

We had a technician come back out after our initial servicing appointment of both our AC and furnace units due to a new problem. He came out, took the time to investigate the issue, showed us what was happening, and taught us how to fix it going forward. Matthew was our technician and he was super helpful and friendly.

bbb five-star-rating By Debbie W. on 12/01/16

Amanda did a great job today. She replaced batteries in a control and even replaced a light bulb in the attic for me.

bbb five-star-rating By Robert V. on 11/30/16

The company continues to perform an excellent, reliable and friendly service. I was very pleased with the service provided by Amanda and I commend the company also for hiring female service people.

bbb five-star-rating By cindy c. on 11/29/16

I have my ac/heater serviced by Morrow Mechanical and I am very happy with it. My technician George B. is very professional and friendly. He explains everything and very detailed. Overall experience is very good and highly recommended. I have been using this company for a couple years now.

bbb five-star-rating By Martha H. on 11/29/16

Matthew L performed a yearly check-up on our 2 heating units. He was on time and very professional. He explained the issues we have with one of the units and made sure we understood what he was telling us. We will definitely use Morrow Mechanical in the future and will request Matthew L as our technician.

bbb five-star-rating By Nancy H. on 11/28/16

Matt was very professional and gave me advice on using proper filters and long term maintenance.

bbb five-star-rating By Roy B. on 11/25/16

Morrow Mechanical was always professional and courteous and arrived exactly when they said they would.

bbb five-star-rating By Sonny P. on 11/24/16

Matthew L. did a great job of identifying potential issues with my furnace and explained in detail possible remedies. He also surveyed my attic spaces and informed/showed me an historic rodent incursion that was handled some time ago, but he couldn’t know that. Good job taking the extra few minutes to look at things like water heaters and general attic conditions. I recommend Morrow mechanical, and Matt L. in particular when the need arises.

bbb five-star-rating By Leota S. on 11/21/16

I responded to a flyer received in my daily mail because there was a photo of the owners, and I felt they would be people who speak my language in a way I can understand. I am 91 years old, and have great difficulty understanding so many different “accents” from people supposedly speaking our language. They sent George B, a very professional and knowledgeable young man. He did a thorough inspection of a very old furnace, and it passed. He did not try to pressure me into a replacement, even though I questioned him about its safety. He provided the opportunity for a maintenance agreement on HVAC, which I gladly accepted. He is a credit to your firm.

bbb five-star-rating By Russell S. on 11/20/16

Courteous employees from calling to make appointments and Technicians doing the health checks for Spring and Winter. Been using Morrow Mechanical for years. Trusted them to even replace my AC in 2015 and was a professional clean installation. I have recommended them to friends and they have been pleased as well with their service.

bbb five-star-rating By Kathleen H. on 11/18/16

I’ve used Morrow Mechanical for years and recommend them to friends who need help with their AC/heating systems without hesitation. The company stands by their work, pays attention to detail, and send out only qualified technicians. It’s one of the few places where you can request a specific technician to be sent out. So many places have such a high turn-around of their employees that you never have the same person twice.

bbb five-star-rating By Charlotte M. on 11/16/16

Amanda was very friendly, knowledgeable and did a great job. She went the extra mile!

bbb five-star-rating By George W. on 11/15/16

Matthew ***** was extremely thorough, polite and courteous. It was a pleasure to have him in our home.

bbb five-star-rating By Ruben S. on 11/14/16

On November 14, 2016, George **** inspected the A/C system at my home. He arrived on time for the appointment and did his work in a very professional manner. He answered all of my questions to my satisfaction and he made good recommendations. I will ask for him next time my A/C system is due for another seasonal check. Thank you.

bbb five-star-rating By Sandra S. on 11/12/16

Arrived right on time. Careful about tracking dirt in home. Went right to work. Answered my questions.

bbb five-star-rating By Richard P. on 11/11/16

Amanda was on time, very polite, very efficient getting the job done. Morrow always does a good job!

bbb five-star-rating By Nancy M. on 11/11/16

We’ve used Morrow Mechanical for maintenance, repair and replacement for several years and the serviceman have always been knowledgeable, professional and courteous.

bbb five-star-rating By GIOVANNI E. on 11/11/16

The technician, Matthew, was prompt, courteous, and forthcoming on his maintenance check findings. I have had nothing but good experiences with Morrow Mechanical on this and other service calls.

bbb five-star-rating By Bruce V. on 11/10/16

Once again, Morrow Mechanical arrived a little early for our semi annual heating air conditioning inspection appointment. Jay ********, the technician, was quick and thorough, and was here only a short while. He suggested a surge protection system for our central unit and gave me an estimate. I will consider that at a later date. Morrow Mechanical has always been very reliable in both the installation and continuing care fro our Central Heat / Air Conditioning system. I give them very high marks for the quality of their service.

bbb five-star-rating By Robin R. on 11/09/16

The technician was very thorough and informative along the way. He did not mind that I took an interest in knowing the purpose of all he was doing. He wanted to address any questions or concerns that I had. For me, feeling a level of comfort or trust in an AC tech and company is a must though not often felt, I have full confidence in the tech who was at my home today and the company that I have used for the past year.

bbb five-star-rating By Linda N. on 11/09/16

We have used Morrow Mechanical for several years. Their work and expertise have been excellent. We recently had George as a technician and he was very professional. They have replaced our two AC/Furnace systems and we have been extremely pleased with their products and work.

bbb five-star-rating By beverly m. on 11/08/16

The technicians arrived ahead of schedule and new exactly what to do, and finished the job in two hours.

bbb five-star-rating By Marie K. on 11/02/16

I am a repeat customer because I have received excellent service from Morrow Mechanical. Jay was the service pro who recently provided the heat check on the furnace. He was courteous and professional and explained all that he had done. Thank you for the great service and attention to detail!

bbb five-star-rating By Amanda z. on 11/02/16

Great service, Amanda arrived promptly and explained the service that would be done and explained what all was done before she left.

bbb five-star-rating By Barbara C. on 11/02/16

Morrow Mechanical installed our dual floor thermostat system which works well heat and cool-wise. Their semi-annual visits are thorough and I look forward to their conversion/maintenance dates. I recommend Morrow Mechanical most highly. Jay was most considerate with both his informative beeper and verbally letting me know what he was doing and where he was going inside and outside. I felt comfortable and safe while he was at work. And, he knew what he was doing.

bbb five-star-rating By James B. on 10/31/16

John arrived at the time estimated by the office who called me. John took charge, finding out where everthing was that he would need. He went up in the attic and checked the operation of the furnace and came down with the current air filter. It was dirty and John gave us the choice of changing it out or having a new one installed. We went for the new one. Back in the attic to continue checking all motors and cut-off alarms. At the end, the John pronounced the furnace as good to go. The only out of pocket cost was for the filter. The rest was taken up by the yearly program, which will get me in the Spring, I guess. ***** *****

bbb five-star-rating By Tommy H. on 10/31/16

On Oct. 28, 2016, we had Morrow perform their “furnace inspection” very efficiently. Matthew arrived on time and professionally completed his inspection. Our furnace passed and he did not try to sell us additional work like other companies have done. He took the time to answer all questions and had a very friendly, helpful attitude. Matthew was well dresses and well groomed and we enjoyed his interest in doing a good job. we were very comfortable having him in our home. Great Job, TH Spring, TX.

bbb five-star-rating By Kenneth R. on 10/29/16

First I would like to say that I had an appointment for 09:00 AM to 11:00 AM. The rep. for Morrow Mechanical telephoned the morning of that appointment and suggested that “If I didn’t mind the Service Pro. could be there around 08:30 AM.” I responded that I would be happy to see them at 08:30 AM. My Service Pro., Amanda was on time (08:30 AM), and very professional. She explained what she was here to do and what kind of Air conditioner/Heater checks that were to be performed. She was also very proficient at preforming the checks. She found a safety problem, obtained the new part and then installed that part in a very efficient manner. I feel that she is the best Service Pro. that I have ever had work/review/repair our Air conditioner/Heating system. Just as a note: I have never had a Service Pro. come early, they are usually at the last part of their scheduled time

bbb five-star-rating By John G. on 10/27/16

George B. with Morrow Mechanical was courteous, knowledgeable and efficient. He took care of a loose duct as fellas performed routine inspection.

bbb five-star-rating By Lynn S. on 10/26/16

October 26 checkup Typical Morrow-scheduled at my convenience, ON TIME, did thorough check up both heat and AC. Written and oral report. No hard sell. Will continue using them

bbb five-star-rating By Randy H. on 10/26/16

Morrow Mechanical is a company I trust for both my A/C and Heating needs. I have regular service on my units and they have always been prompt, helping and courteous. The stand by their work and and if anything happens, are very prompt in getting it fixed. I would fully recommend Morrow for your Heating and Cooling needs.

bbb five-star-rating By Mulvey J. on 10/20/16

We replaced our air-conditioning system back in March. The team from Morrow Mechanical arrived on schedule and completed the installation in one day as promised. I was told our new system would reduce our electricity bill by at least $100 a month and it has. On the day of my recent fall tune-up, I was called earlier in the day and told there was a cancellation and the technician John could do the tune-up earlier if it fit into my schedule. I appreciated the call and the new time worked out better for me. John arrived, explained the process and completed the work in a timely matter.

bbb five-star-rating By Hall J. on 10/19/16

Excellent installation and service. I have had my HVAC system for over a year and I am very pleased. I definitely recommend Morrow Mechanical

bbb five-star-rating By Safford H. on 10/19/16

Morrow Mechanical is a great solution for any of your heating/cooling needs. They completed a full unit replacement, a coil replacement in our other unit and now conduct our routine maintenance. All of the employees have been professional, conscientious, well versed to communicate what they are doing and leave the work area just as it was prior to doing the work. Absolutely recommend!!

bbb five-star-rating By Williams M. on 10/19/16

Office personnel and the technician John were both outstanding. Professional and prompt!

bbb five-star-rating By Halvorsen R. on 10/19/16

Our AC unit went out right before cousins from Norway were to arrive. I left an email message with Morrow Mechanical Sunday night. They contacted me early Monday morning and had their technician at our house that morning. The AC was fixed that morning as well. I couldn’t be happier. I have always chosen Morrow for this very reason. Great service.

bbb five-star-rating By Weddle T. on 10/18/16

I have been a Morrow Mechanical customer for about ten years. They were recommended by a friend, and I used them to replace both HVAC units in my home with high efficiency units. I immediately saw a savings of about 50% on my electricity cost. I have continued to use Morrow to service my units. In 2013, I experienced a condenser coil failure that Morrow replaced under warranty. I have been a member of their Priority Club fall and spring maintenance service for a few years now. Their servicemen are always knowledgeable, courteous, prompt and efficient. I do not hesitate to recommend Morrow.

bbb five-star-rating By Householder R. on 10/18/16

Pete showed up at the scheduled time. He did the work (annual heater maintenance) that was planned. After he finished he explained what he did and told me about a potential future problem to be aware of.

bbb five-star-ratingBy Pferdehirt D. on 10/18/16

Morrow mechanical and their technician Jay do an excellent job maintaining my units. They only do what is needed and do not charge for unneeded services.

bbb five-star-ratingBy Boudwin P. on 10/18/16

Morrow mechanical and their technician Jay do an excellent job maintaining my units. They only do what is needed and do not charge for unneeded services.

bbb five-star-ratingBy Bill S. on 10/11/16
Morrow Mechanical installed my new air conditioner during Labor Day 2yrs ago. They were fast and extremely reasonably priced. Since that time they have come out twice a year to service the air conditioner & furnace. Service Technician John was just out to our house making sure our furnace was ready for the winter months. He was very professional and did a nice job. I’m very pleased with this organization and the people they employ.

bbbfive-star-rating By Kellie F. on 10/10/16
This is my first experience with the Morrow Mechanical company. I recently purchased a condo and their sticker was on the existing AC unit. My problem was the fan was not coming on when it should (the part that is outside). They had a technician George **** come out aprox. 2 hours later. Well as it turns out I was totally responsible for the malfunction. Seems there was a switch I had flipped by accident when I was in the attic the day before. George was really helpful in explaining some great features of this unit that I was not aware of. I’m so happy the former owners chose this company, and I signed up for a program where they come twice a year for a AC/Heat checkup. Thanks Morrow and George for providing great service. ****** ****

bbbfive-star-rating By Mary Jo L. on 09/23/16
We have been using Morrow Mechanical for several years. We have no complaints at all. All of the repairman that have come here have been extremely polite and helpful. I highly recommend them.

bbbfive-star-rating By Darrell F. on 09/20/16

We have used Morrow Mechanical since 2012. They have installed a two phase unit at our house, and a single phase at our rental house. Both units have worked flawlessly. The technicians are friendly and very knowledgeable. We have a twice a year service contract to have our units inspected. Their price is reasonable, especially for the detail of their inspections. On our installation at our house, the owner came out to make sure the we were satisfied with the installation and he did an inspection himself! To us, that said a lot about the company! We have recommended them to several of our neighbors!

bbbfive-star-rating By Lindsay R. on 09/19/16
We have dealt with Morrow Mechanical for 5 years now and over that period have had them install two new A/C systems when the old ones failed. Recently we had an issue with one of the systems and Morrow responded very promptly and with great professionalism. They engaged the product manufacturer in providing a solution and corrected the issue at no cost to us and without requiring us to negotiate. They found and implemented a win-win situation to our great satisfaction. I highly recommend Morrow Mechanical for their professionalism, skilled and personable staff and customer focused service.

bbbfive-star-rating By Guy B. on 09/14/16
We’ve been with Morrow Mechanical for five years and always had great experiences with all the technicians. Pete and David are awesome! We’ve been very satisfied with the customer service that the phone girls and everyone that we’ve dealt with have been very pleasant!

bbbfive-star-rating By Carlyle W. on 08/25/16
Morrow Mechanical has been our A/C-Heating service provider for approximately 6 years. They have provided a complete spring and fall system check for us each year and the service they have provided has always been exact and complete. Recently, we returned from extended travel only to find that one of our A/C units had gone out. This happened in August when the heat in Texas is excessive. We called Morrow Mechanical the following morning and a technician was at our home before noon that same day. After a complete evaluation of the situation, the technician sat with us to explain the issues with our A/C and then covered several options for repair/replacement of the A/C. Since our A/C was almost 10 years old and was a “builder grade” system, we chose to replace the A/C. The technician arranged for the work to begin the following morning and by 5:00 pm that next day, the A/C was switched out and our home was cool again. Their instalation team was professional and courteous. Their work was neat , the cleanup was thorough and the end result exceeded our expectations. We have and will continue to recommend Morrow Mechanical to any of our neighbors and friends that need expert A/C-Heating repair/service.

bbbfive-star-rating By Shannon A. on 06/24/16
George was super helpful, friendly, and understanding when I had a leak from another company’s work. He was prompt and I will use Morrow Mechanical again!

bbbfive-star-rating By Cecilia B. on 06/20/16
I have been a customer of Morrow Mechanics for the past 3 years and have been extremely pleased with theach quality of work and the professionalism of their staff. The technicians have done great work and have gone above and beyond their job to make sure things were in order with our AC system!! Jay was extremely effective and took the time to go over some preventative maintenance with me before leaving. I highly recommend this company if you are seeking quality work at a great price!!

bbbfive-star-rating By Jeffrey G. on 06/19/16
These guys do our annual heating and a/c tuneups. A few years ago they replaced our cheapo Chinese unit that was failing, with a much more energy efficient Lennox unit. We noticed an immediate electric bill savings. They are very pleasant and friendly, and they give us very low key and competent advice. We really like dealing with them.

bbbfive-star-rating By Marilyn H. on 06/14/16
We have dealt with Morrow Mechanical on several occasions and have always been very satisfied with their service. The price they gave us is THE PRICE-no hidden fees or add-ons. Their service people have always been very polite and reliable. I would highly recommend their business to friends and relatives.

bbbfive-star-rating By Gary M. on 06/09/16
Checked out new AC we had installed. Leak in ceiling was unrelated to AC. They installed two full units, ****** “top of the line”. I would use them again in a heartbeat. We have continued to use them for our twice yearly tuneups to great satisfaction.

bbbfive-star-rating By Gail J. on 05/13/16
I have used Morrow Mechanical for over twenty years. They are honest. Their service personal are polite, and their customer service is always excellent in a timely manner. I have used them for annual check ups and to replace the units. I have recommended them to family and friends who are also very pleased with the company. I will continue to use this company exclusively.

bbbfive-star-rating By Allan S. on 03/23/16
We have used Morrow Mechanical for several years since they installed our new air conditioning system. They are very professional and honest. They don’t try to sell you anything but an inspection contract. I’m OK with that because it reminds me to get my system inspected twice a year. I also like their iPad invoicing. They just enter the data and you get an email receipt.

bbbfive-star-rating By John D. on 03/10/16

bbbfive-star-rating By Diane S. on 03/09/16
We have used Morrow Mechanical for 7 years. We have a maintenance contract with them to inspect our heating/ac twice yearly. They do a thorough inspection, including changing the filters if needed. We did have to have one unit replaced and they had the job done in one day for a competitive price. They are courteous (starting with the call to or from the office) to the technician who arrives and introduces himself. They are prompt, clean, and explain everything thoroughly.”

bbbfive-star-rating By Wylie G. on 05/20/15
On Wed, 5/20/2015, Morrow Mechanical , installed a 3 & 4 ton Lennox XC16 complete system at our residence in ZIP 77382. We are very pleased with the entire process including the tech recommending the appropriate systems we should consider, and helping us reach the best decision. The lead installer and crew brought the equipment and installed it in a most professional manner and kept us informed on progress. We have used their annual service for about 8 years and have received excellent service and fair prices. It was a pleasant process thanks to the attitude of office and field personnel ! We absolutely recommend Morrow Mechanical for a similar experience! Owners


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