How To Restart Your AC System After A Power Outage

Posted on: November 4, 2016

How To Restart Your AC System After A Power Outagesurge

Power Surges can happen at any given time, and if you’re like us our electronics in our home are plugged into a surge protector. But do you have your Air Conditioning System protected? Major power surges can really cause some damage to your HVAC System – even when they are not in use. Not properly protecting you HVAC System can cost you hundreds to thousands or worst case scenario: HVAC Replacement. Worried about your home? Give us a call today to make sure you’re protected.

Sometimes you’re a/c system will not turn back on after you regain power. If that is the case follow the 5 steps below. If it does not turn on odds are there is a bigger problem – give us a call.

5 Simple Steps to Resetting you’re A/C after a Power Outage

  1. Turn your system off at the thermostat.
  2. Go to your breaker box and flip the break to you’re a/c in the “off” position.
  3. Flip the breaker to “on”.
  4. Now just wait about 20-30 minutes.
  5. After 30 minutes turn the a/c back to cool at your thermostat.
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