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Morrow’s Air Conditioning & Heating Google Reviews

google-plusfive-star-rating By Frank M. on 01/28/17

Matthew is very professional and honest person. When he realized that my heather does not work just because pest controller turned electric supply off, he refused to charge for his visit.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Steve W. on 01/18/17

Mathew did a great job presenting all of my options for a new HVAC system. Nice guy.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Antonio O. on 01/17/17

Mathew’s L service was excellent, he was very professional and knowledgeable on the issue, he was able to assess the problem immediately and fix it right away. They are not the kind of vendors that start making up other issues so they can charge more. Mathew looked at the issue, fixed it and charged a fair amount. When you call Morrow Mechanical, ask for Mathew, he is great!

google-plusfive-star-rating By Scott L. on 12/05/16

Amanda was right on time (even a bit early) and was able to diagnose the issue and resolve it in quick fashion.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Corky R. on 12/05/16

George arrived on time to the scheduled appointment & checked out my furnace . George was very friendly & provided some great advice on maintaining my system between check up visits

google-plusfive-star-rating By Ozer H. on 12/02/16

We made a maintenance program aggreement with Morrow Mechanical to check our AC and Heating system.The guy Matthew Laws was excellent.He is a very knowledgeable person. He gave all the details what he did. I strongly recommend them.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Kay R. on 11/30/16

We have had great results with Morrow Mechanical. Their technicians are always polite and knowledgeable. We have used Morrow Mechanical for a number of years and are truly pleased with their work. John H. was here today and he was a very sweet young man, thoroughly doing his job correctly.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Robin D. on 11/28/16

I am very happy with the service. George was prompt and very pleasant. He made sure that he didn’t track dirt in while checking my heating system. He even put little booties on the ladder to the attic so it wouldn’t scratch my wood floor. I really appreciate such professional service.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Christine M. on 11/27/16

Service was very professional and informative. I was able to gather some much needed instruction on how to keep my unit working efficiently. Pete also kept my house clean by wearing protective covering on his work boots. Much Appreciated!!

google-plusfive-star-rating By Sharon Y. on 11/23/16

George B. has been to our home several times over the years, and came out today to do our annual furnace check. As always, our Morrow employee was punctual, polite and professional. We stick with Morrow due to the excellent customer service and the work that is consistently done well.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Jim and C.C. S. on 11/22/16

Came home from vacation and heat would not turn on. Called Morrow Mechanical and they scheduled a same day appointment and gave us an approximate time. They also called later in the afternoon to let me know the arrival status of our technician. George B. Arrived on time, used shoes covers and was very polite and knowledgable. Turns out their was no major problem and when we

google-plusfive-star-rating By Minnie Lou W. on 11/22/16

Pete was friendly, polite, and very willing to answer all of our questions. He was knowledgeable about AC systems and did the check of our system as we had requested. We felt that he was a very trustworthy technician and hope we can have him do any service we need in the future.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Fred S. on 11/18/16

Service was great. George was efficient and eager to answer all of my questions.

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google-plusfive-star-rating By Norma W. on 11/16/16

Pete was very pleasant and polite when he arrived at my house. He was very detailed with his checkup on my heating system. He took the time to inform me of several things that I didn’t know about as well as informing me on the condition of my furnace. I will keep in mind that I will be in the market for a new furnace and hopefully will be able to use Morrow Mechanical. Keep up the good work!

google-plusfive-star-rating By Coy R. on 11/16/16

Jay with Morrow was very knowledgeable and helpful in checking our heating/ac unit, he was able to give us options about the future for our old unit. We are happy to be a customer of Morrow Mechanical.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Steve N. on 11/15/16

Great Job, a professional , will use again

google-plusfive-star-rating By Richard M. on 11/14/16

Could not be more happy with the work done by Matthew at Morrow Mechanical. He was on time, quickly determined what the problem was. I really appreciate the honest hard work that he did and will use them and recommend them to anyone in the future.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Edith C. on 11/10/16

Matthew was very thorough while he performed winter maintenance on my furnace. He was very professional, he has a very pleasant attitude and he explains what he finds and what needs to be done to correct any problems.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Tim E. on 11/10/16

We are signed up for the yearly deal with Morrow Mechanical where they come out in both the spring and fall to do checks on the system. They are very professional and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking or needing service for their homes.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Paul S. on 11/09/16

HALEE was very friendly and helpful in setting up my winter maintenance visit. When I later found that I could not be here for the appointment, she gracefully changed it to a time later in the day. JAY was also very friendly ….and knowledgeable in his work, giving us A/C tips for better results. It has always been a very good experience when I deal with Morrow Mechanical. WPS

google-plusfive-star-rating By Pauline A. on 11/08/16

John was very helpful and very diligent in making sure that our air condition/heating unit worked properly.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Richard S. on 11/08/16

Thanks for the thorough inspection, would recommend to others.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Joanne C. on 11/05/16

They turn up right when they say they will. They call you ahead to remind you they are on the way. The technician explained and took time to tell me what he was doing. Courteous, well presented and professional.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Tom B. on 11/04/16

Got a reminder call when technician was 30 minutes away. When John (technician) arrived he was courteous and explained what he was going to do. Serviced both of our units and also changed out some pre-filters that I had recently purchased for the fall. Whole process went great and clearly explained the charges when done. Morrow does what they say when they say they will do it.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Brian H. on 11/04/16

Great service from this company as a whole, we’ve used them for over 5 years. It is hard to beat the quality of service for the price.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Roslyn C. on 11/04/16


google-plusfive-star-rating By Jose C. on 11/01/16

Jennie made the appointment for Mark to come and check the heating system, since we are in November. Mark came on time and did a great job, explained to me all important data in our heating systems , one for downstairs, and one for upstairs Great job

google-plus five-star-rating By Brent B. on 11/01/16

Worked with George after our furnace gave out and decided to upgrade our entire system. I have always appreciated the personal touches that are associated with local companies like Mr. Morrow’s.

google-plus five-star-rating By Robert M. on 10/31/16

Excellent service; excellent communication. Jay told us what to expect in the future and offered some options in the event that we had a problem. I think Morrow’s Premium Advantage Program is well worth it for the seasonal tune-ups and the peace of mind. Thanks!

google-plus five-star-rating By Justin H. on 10/28/16

Made everything super easy. John H. was an awesome tech.

google-plus five-star-rating By Richard L. on 10/27/16

Just completed furnace check. Technician was professional and courteous. Morrow Mechanical has proved to be a wise choice for my air conditioner/heater needs. I highly recommend their service. Richard.

google-plus five-star-rating By Donna C. on 10/27/16

George arrived right on time . He inspected the heating system and reported all is well. He was courteous and polite just as he was when he was here last spring. I have been using Morrow Mechanical for several years and would highly recommend them.

google-plus five-star-rating By Mike C. on 10/26/16

Always on time, professional and fair. Have been using their services for several years and will continue to do so.

google-plus five-star-rating By Darlene B. on 10/26/16

George B. was courteous, business-like, friendly and showed concern about what he was doing. He carefully explained what he was doing and made sure to make answers to any questions clear.

google-plus five-star-rating By O’brien T. on 10/26/16

Very professional, discovered a house design issue with the builder installed AC, once identified Morrow Mechanical agreed to do the home repairs at no charge to me.

google-plus five-star-rating Susan C. on 10/25/16

Excellent service from Amanda J., service professional that checked out my A/C unit today is recognized for a job well done. I was very pleased.

google-plus five-star-rating By Vorhies S. on 10/25/16

I asked Morrow to come out to give an estimate on replacing a single speed air handler with a two speed unit. They were able to schedule an appointment about four days after my call. The technician was on time and very polite. I think they are about as good as one can find with regards to quality work. However, their service comes at a very high price.

google-plus five-star-rating By Betty W. on 10/24/16

Excellent representative of your company. Very professional and thorough with explanations and knowledge of system. Does not mind repeating answers about the system if ask. I feel he is very honest and trustworthy and leaves the client feeling very secure. It has been a pleasure doing business with George. I would highly recommend George and your company to anyone.

google-plus five-star-rating By Lydia F. on 10/24/16

Morrow Mechanical always provides efficient, friendly, and reliable service. It is comforting to know I can be assured that any work that needs to be done will be handled in the appropriate manner, always putting the needs of the customer first. Thank you Morrow Mechanical. I will refer you to all my friends and family.

google-plus five-star-rating By TRACY G. on 10/20/16

I am not one for leaving reviews, but this guy was great. My first time working with Morrow Mechanical. He identified our problem and fixed it in a very professional manner. We are looking forward to working with Aric R. to replace our current AC system.

google-plus five-star-rating By Shirley E. on 10/20/16

Pete is a very nice young man. Very polite took pride in his work. Explained everything.

google-plus five-star-rating By Rudy N. on 10/19/16

I’ve been using this company for several years now, and I’ve been extremely happy with them. The employees are friendly, punctual, knowledgeable…I can’t say enough good things about my experience with this company.

google-plus five-star-rating By Jurado E. on 10/18/16

Very professional and knowledgeable guy.

google-plus five-star-rating By Schultz B. on 10/18/16

Morrow is a very professional organization and their technicians seem to know their stuff.

google-plus five-star-rating By John B. on 10/06/16

Morrow is not the cheapest in town. Morrow has excellent service people, including George Beck, who are punctual, responsive, and knowledgeable. Contact starts with a call to their office, which is picked up by a live, helpful person on the first ring.

google-plus five-star-rating By Kristin J. on 09/17/16

Incredible people and fabulous service. The only company I trust.

google-plus five-star-rating By Katie M. on 08/31/16

On Tuesday afternoon I noticed my house getting really hot. I called Morrow Mechanical around 2 PM and was told they would be here between 4 and 6. I thought that would be really fast response. Someone was here right after 3 pm. The unit was froze up due to a leak in the coil. George ( the technician) was so professional and caring, he explained he couldn’t tell for sure where the leak was until it thawed out, but he took a blow dryer up in the attic and thawed it out. He told me he would go get the parts that was needed to do the job and someone would be here tomorrow to change the coil out. Two technicians came yesterday (Wednesday ) and changed the coil. I wish I could remember their names. They too were very professional. Oh yes, George did not just leave me in a hot house and say see you tomorrow, he put enough freon in to last until the next day, so the house could cool off. I really appreciated that since I have a lung problem and cannot breathe well without good air exchange in the house. They were here bright and early the next day and installed the new coil. I really did worry about them having to go in the attic in this August heat, but they told me not to worry. George came back this morning for a follow-up visit to check things out and be sure everything was done that should have been done, it was, but Mr. Morrow wanted him to check a place on my outside unit to see if there was an oil leak, he said my brand of unit was bad about getting this oil leak. Sure enough there was. George will be back tomorrow to fix the oil leak. Mr. Morrow knows that I am a widow and he wanted his guys to be sure they checked everything for me. I really do appreciate that. I would highly recommend Morrow Mechanical to anyone. They are good outstanding people who take their job very serious.

google-plus five-star-rating By Geraldo M. on 08/10/16

I managed to get a same day appointment with Morrow to confirm a “supposed leak” on my evap coil, diagnosed by NRG Home Services, without any actual inspection. I was serviced by Matt K. and he was able to confirm that I did not in fact had any leaks and adjust my HVAC settings so that now the system is working as intended – and without the major cost on replacement that was suggested by NRG. Great service! Will definitely call them again in case of problems!

google-plus five-star-rating By Sandra M. on 08/09/16

Made an appt for AC tune up. Person on phone was friendly & professional. On the day of my appt., they gave me a courtesy call to let me know that they were on their way. The service man was professional. Explained everything clearly. I will definitely use Morrow Mechanical again. I felt that they were prompt, professional, honest, with fair pricing.

google-plus five-star-rating By Joe K. on 08/03/16

One of the hottest weeks in Houston and my A/C decided to take a vacation. Placed a service call to Morrow, they had a tech out the next morning. He took a look at my system and recommended two options, band-aid a 16 year old unit and hope it made it or replace the unit with a new more efficient model. I was offered several choices and affordable price ranges. The crew was out the next morning to install the spent the day installing the unit. When they were completed I noticed the difference immediately, I noticed the savings on the first electric bill. I would recommend anyone in Morrow’s service area to give them a try you won’t be disappointed.

google-plus five-star-rating By Patsy C. on 07/08/16

Morrow Mechanical has performed numerous A/C and Heating checks at my home and completely replaced an A/C unit last summer. They are professional, knowledgeable, respectful, on time, and very thorough. I continue to use them and am happy to have found a company I really trust!

google-plus five-star-rating By Wayland K. on 06/07/16

After replacing the coil in my unit, Morrow Mechanical followed up twice within the first quarter of service on the work they completed, to make sure everything was proceeding to customer satisfaction. I was pleased with the 12 month same as cash purchase contract as well. Overall, a pleasant experience.

google-plus five-star-rating By Tom R. on 06/06/16

I moved to the area last year and bought an older house – which means inevitable repairs. When my A/C quit working, I searched online and chose Morrow Mechanical due to reviews and location. They came out the same day I called, exactly at the appointed time, and the technician, “Bray”, was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly, and he was also a good communicator. Furthermore, he had the magic touch, literally. As soon as he touched my compressor it came on! Turns out we just had a loose wire. Bray repaired the wire and examined everything, and the charge was only the service call amount of $79. They have earned my business for the future.

google-plus five-star-rating By Matthew M. on 05/20/16

They were always very responsive and quick to meet, and able to work around my schedule. After we decided to have to work done they were able to start the next day. We called Morrow initially to look at our units and get an estimate for the work that needed to be done. I ended up calling 2 other companies to look at our system also to confirm what Morrow had said and to compare prices. All the companies confirmed that the system needed to be replaced, and though they both quoted an estimate cheaper than Morrow had, I ultimately went with Morrow because of how professional they were and they even worked with me on the price a little to get it to something more in line with what I wanted to pay. I would definitely recommend them!

google-plus five-star-rating By Cindy J. on 05/05/16

Had a service check up on my air conditioner Arick came out and was very professional . Had a power surge and blow out the capacitor again Arick came and explained everything thing and showed me the bad part. He suggested a surge protector also. He was very knowledgeable and quick . I have recommended Morrow to several people.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Marilyn E. on 04/29/16

Very pleased with Morrow Mechanical, this is my second year using them. They answer all of my questions, and look forward to using them for any problems that might come up.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Keith J. on 04/15/16

Morrow Mechanical installed a new HVAC system for us last month. The price was good, and the installers were polite and efficient. I highly recommend them.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Paul G. on 03/29/16

Scheduled Morrow for bi-annual AC inspection. Technician called in advance and arrived on time. Very thorough and professional. I would recommend Morrow Mechanical very highly based on this service call.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Josh C. on 03/12/16

Worked with these guys for years, and I chose them to replace my house A/C unit. The work was done well, they are prompt and good with communication. I highly recommend them!

google-plusfive-star-rating By Brian M. on 03/04/16

Morrow Mechanical bid for and was awarded the contract to replace my aging (circa 17 years old) dual-zone, HVAC system. They were not the lowest-priced bid, however their no-pressure approach, clarity of equipment costs and service pricing plus references from satisfied customers won them the job. They were also the most helpful in recommending the appropriate equipment sizing for the property. The sales rep also acted as project manager so there was no confusion over what was to be installed and when. The installation experience was great – they turned up when they said they would, replaced the complete dual-zone system within three working days and cleaned-up afterwards. The final day saw additional technicians come and go to install and check the programmable thermostats. They also followed-up quickly with documentation and certification for tax rebate application.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Amy S. on 03/04/16

Bray and his crew (Jay and James) were GREAT! Bray spoke in laymen’s terms for me, answered my 1001 questions, offered options to meet my financial needs and service was QUICK. I have and will continue to recommend Morrow to family and friends. We have used other companies in Kingwood, the people are the best and by far the most HONEST. I strongly recommend getting the Priority Advantage Membership. It pays for itself. Impeccable service from your first phone call to the techs picking after themselves when job compete. Couldn’t be more satisfied.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Rick H. on 02/18/16

The technician arrived at the scheduled time and performed the annual AC maintenance. He brought along another technician. I asked if he was a trainee and he explained that he was a technician that was recovering from a recent surgery and was just helping out on light-duty while he recovers. This told me that Morrow must care about their people as they did not charge extra to have this “second set of eyes”‘ look at my system. After he finished he took a few minutes to explain what was done and what to watch for, as the system is aging. I will have them back.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Charles R. on 02/15/16

Morrow Mechanical personnel who did the air and heating yearly inspections were timely, courteous and answered all of my questions and concerns relating to their inspection. I intend to continue using this company to check my equipment.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Jeffrey Y. on 01/22/16

After initial service visit, determined my old unit needed replacing. I decided to replace the furnace at the same time. From the beginning of the process to the final installation of my new unit, I couldn’t be happier. Every promise was kept and every person I dealt with at Morrow was courteous, professional and great to deal with. What sold me on using this company was the prompt service and the fact they use their own employees to do the installation. No subs. Not that subs are bad, but it is easier to deal with one company and not going back and forth between the contractor and the sub if there is an issue. The whole process was painless (excluding the heat). Great Job Morrow Mechanical!

google-plusfive-star-rating By Jeffrey Y. on 01/22/16

After initial service visit, determined my old unit needed replacing. I decided to replace the furnace at the same time. From the beginning of the process to the final installation of my new unit, I couldn’t be happier. Every promise was kept and every person I dealt with at Morrow was courteous, professional and great to deal with. What sold me on using this company was the prompt service and the fact they use their own employees to do the installation. No subs. Not that subs are bad, but it is easier to deal with one company and not going back and forth between the contractor and the sub if there is an issue. The whole process was painless (excluding the heat). Great Job Morrow Mechanical!

google-plusfive-star-rating By Bill B. on 01/19/16

We had our complete AC and Furnace system replaced after 10 years (it was a Carrier system and not very good). Two guys from their team came out to review the project and make recommendations for our specific needs. Within a few days the Installation team was out and did a great job.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Jackie T. on 09/30/15

I called Morrow Mechanical with a problem, and within the hour, they had one nice, young man out to see about it. The same day, a team of two very polite, professional men were here to fix it, said that the part was covered under warranty, and fixed the AC free of charge. There just aren’t enough good things to say to cover this company: ethical, professional, polite, fair, prompt, clean, proficient. Give me more stars!

google-plusfive-star-rating By Robbi P. on 09/14/15

I called Morrow Mechanical out for a tune up of my A/C unit. I requested the service online and received a response within the same day with an appointment for the very next time I requested. The service technician arrived right on time, wore booties so as not to track up my house, was very courteous and professional, and was done in an hour. I would highly recommend their service.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Dusty W. on 08/06/14

I want to thank David for the excellent job he did in helping with an AC problem in our home. He took the time to address all of my questions. He was friendly yet professional. He came the same day that I called for a minor problem. I really appreciate the prompt help.

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