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Morrow’s Air Conditioning & Heating Google Reviews

google-plusfive-star-rating By TRACY G. on 10/20/16

I am not one for leaving reviews, but this guy was great. My first time working with Morrow Mechanical. He identified our problem and fixed it in a very professional manner. We are looking forward to working with Aric R. to replace our current AC system.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Rudy N. on 10/19/16

I’ve been using this company for several years now, and I’ve been extremely happy with them. The employees are friendly, punctual, knowledgeable…I can’t say enough good things about my experience with this company.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Schultz B. on 10/18/16

Morrow is a very professional organization and their technicians seem to know their stuff.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Jurado E. on 10/18/16

Very professional and knowledgeable guy.

google-plusfive-star-rating By John B. on 10/06/16

Morrow is not the cheapest in town. Morrow has excellent service people, including George Beck, who are punctual, responsive, and knowledgeable. Contact starts with a call to their office, which is picked up by a live, helpful person on the first ring.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Kristin J. on 09/17/16

Incredible people and fabulous service. The only company I trust.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Katie M. on 08/31/16

On Tuesday afternoon I noticed my house getting really hot. I called Morrow Mechanical around 2 PM and was told they would be here between 4 and 6. I thought that would be really fast response. Someone was here right after 3 pm. The unit was froze up due to a leak in the coil. George ( the technician) was so professional and caring, he explained he couldn’t tell for sure where the leak was until it thawed out, but he took a blow dryer up in the attic and thawed it out. He told me he would go get the parts that was needed to do the job and someone would be here tomorrow to change the coil out. Two technicians came yesterday (Wednesday ) and changed the coil. I wish I could remember their names. They too were very professional. Oh yes, George did not just leave me in a hot house and say see you tomorrow, he put enough freon in to last until the next day, so the house could cool off. I really appreciated that since I have a lung problem and cannot breathe well without good air exchange in the house. They were here bright and early the next day and installed the new coil. I really did worry about them having to go in the attic in this August heat, but they told me not to worry. George came back this morning for a follow-up visit to check things out and be sure everything was done that should have been done, it was, but Mr. Morrow wanted him to check a place on my outside unit to see if there was an oil leak, he said my brand of unit was bad about getting this oil leak. Sure enough there was. George will be back tomorrow to fix the oil leak. Mr. Morrow knows that I am a widow and he wanted his guys to be sure they checked everything for me. I really do appreciate that. I would highly recommend Morrow Mechanical to anyone. They are good outstanding people who take their job very serious.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Geraldo M. on 08/10/16

I managed to get a same day appointment with Morrow to confirm a “supposed leak” on my evap coil, diagnosed by NRG Home Services, without any actual inspection. I was serviced by Matt K. and he was able to confirm that I did not in fact had any leaks and adjust my HVAC settings so that now the system is working as intended – and without the major cost on replacement that was suggested by NRG. Great service! Will definitely call them again in case of problems!

google-plusfive-star-rating By Sandra M. on 08/09/16

Made an appt for AC tune up. Person on phone was friendly & professional. On the day of my appt., they gave me a courtesy call to let me know that they were on their way. The service man was professional. Explained everything clearly. I will definitely use Morrow Mechanical again. I felt that they were prompt, professional, honest, with fair pricing.

google-plusfive-star-rating By Joe K. on 08/03/16

One of the hottest weeks in Houston and my A/C decided to take a vacation. Placed a service call to Morrow, they had a tech out the next morning. He took a look at my system and recommended two options, band-aid a 16 year old unit and hope it made it or replace the unit with a new more efficient model. I was offered several choices and affordable price ranges. The crew was out the next morning to install the spent the day installing the unit. When they were completed I noticed the difference immediately, I noticed the savings on the first electric bill. I would recommend anyone in Morrow’s service area to give them a try you won’t be disappointed.

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